Find People

FindPeopleHas your case ground to a halt because you cannot find people who were a witness to an accident or someone who is being named as a defendant in a legal dispute? That’s where IPS comes in! Don’t delay one more day when Iowa Process Service can set things in motion again. Here’s how . . . simply choose from one of the following three options:

As licensed investigators, Iowa Process Service has authority to access restricted databases not available to the general public. When you order process service with IPS, you are entitled to ONE FREE restricted database search — a $60 value!

IF YOU HAVE A COURT CASE PENDING BUT IOWA PROCESS SERVICE IS NOT DELIVERING YOUR LEGAL DOCUMENTS — we can still help you! Simply provide us with a copy of your filed legal matter, and IPS can perform a restricted database search for you.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COURT CASE PENDING, but still need to find someone, Intellius is on online search site that offers paid search options.