Landlord / Tenant Services



“I need to have a 3-day notice served on a tenant in Des Moines!”

If you have a notice to serve, Iowa Process Service can help. We know serving tenants can be a difficult process, and we strive to be as user friendly as possible:

  • Signed receipts, completion reports and notarized affidavits are included.
  • You are never charged mileage (mileage may only apply if your property is outside the Des Moines metro interstate loop).
  • If your notice is posted, IPS mails any required copies via certified and regular mail. This means no trips to the post office!
  • Our office is located at 901 North Buxton Street, Indianola, Iowa 50125.
  • Last but not least, you can ask us to hurry!! We understand about deadlines.

*IPS personnel do not attend hearings unless called upon to testify regarding due process.