How to Issue an Out-of-State (Foreign) Subpoena in Iowa

We have two options for the issuance of a foreign subpoena.

Iowa law, under Rule 1.1702, permits us to use our staff attorney to issue the subpoena on your behalf, but it would not be FILED in and would not include an Iowa case number. This is the most efficient way to issue a subpoena. We would need a list of all names and contact information for all counsel involved with the case from both sides to include with the subpoena we issue in Iowa. Charges would incur for the attorney fees, the preparation, and the service of documents.

The other option is for you to have our attorney, in preparation, issue the subpoena through the clerk of court of the appointed county if you would like an Iowa-issued case number. Charges would incur for the $50 filing fee to issue with the courts as well as those in the first option. This is usually the preferred option if you have any reason to believe the subpoena would be disputed.

We do, per company policy, require prepayment for all new and out-of-state clients and fees for issuance of a foreign subpoena.

Email the following to

  1. The subpoena that you created in your local jurisdiction.
  2. The completed Iowa subpoena form (Choose 1 of 3).
    Subpoena to Testify at Deposition | Subpoena to Produce | Subpoena to Appear & Testify

Note: There is a $50.00 fee that IPS will advance on your behalf to the specified clerk of court. IPS will add this fee to your invoice or credit card transaction.

Once we receive your information we will issue the documents to the appropriate Clerk of Court. Then immediately schedule and execute the service per your requirements.

With IPS, getting the information you need just got easier!